Electronic cigarette reviews

Use of tobacco and its products are many centuries old. After the discovery of many harmful constituents and their long term repercussion on the health, Governments of different countries have come forward with a number of regulations to prevent the use of tobacco and its products. Food and Drug Administration of United States of America puts forward guidelines and regulations for safety in the use of food and drugs. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of FDA has identified a list of 93 Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) in tobacco products and tobacco smoke. The act demands of the manufacturers to report the amount of HPHCs to the authority.

Many people are now switching over to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are a new form of smoking aids where the smoker inhales a vapor containing nicotine. A chemical known as Propylene Glycol is used in these cigarette which is also used by the asthma patients. Sufficient clinical trials are not available to prove the safety in the use of this chemical. FDA and similar agencies of various countries seem to be caught on the wrong foot regarding the regulation of this product. They are yet to decide whether e cigarette is a drug or a natural product. If it is declared a drug,then it must be backed by supporting clinical trials. In Britain Medicinal and Health Regulatory Agency(MHRA) is in no mood to allow e cigarettes in absence of sufficient clinical trials.

In many countries like India,China etc use of e cigarettes is legal. Sooner or later other countries also have to come out with a clear cut policy.

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